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                                                           The Wall


Once in a small Island a young boy played tag as he ran arround in his living room, but then he frozed and tranced as he saw on his Television the Apollo 8 taking off for the Moon. This was his first love for outer space. A few years went by, and in middle school he asked his teacher if he could give him an explanation of infinity. The boy needed a visual perspective of infinity, a place where he could hang his hat on. The teacher said well it just keeps on and on, but the boy could not hang his hat on the teacher's answer; and so, the question laid in the boy's subconcious for over 40 years. With his ongoing love with outer space, the boy visualized a spaceship taking off from Earth until it reached an end - The Wall. The ship went through the wall to find space on the other side, and the ship traveled the space until it reached another wall, and continued through this space until another wall. Finally the boy found a visual perspective of infinity on which he could hang his hat on - The Wall.  




Antonio Pacheco

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